Traditional Dress

Fashion is art, creativity and passion ...

Fashions are expressions of a society’s character and history, indicating aspects of its culture, heritage, and prevailing attitudes. It is the details of the embroidery & colour that reflect its identity and the story of its people.

When we see a traditional costume, we do not only see its beauty; we also recognize the area it belongs to, and the details which show us how its most basic form has been influenced by geography, history, and beliefs.

To honour local traditions, fashion designers must study the history of clothing in their region and use their delicate artistry to introduce innovative ideas, presenting new and magical forms of beauty to society while paying tribute to its customs.

For many years Reem El Mutwalli has researched the sartorial legacy of the people of her region, studying the details of its design. She has recognized the importance not just of beauty, but also of accuracy in her designs, honouring tradition in everything she has made.